Cat Cafe: the secluded island of purr

I never took the time to evaluate my relationship with the four-legged creatures. Yet any time I would interact with a pet, I would feel elated and overjoyed to the point where purchasing one seemed like a brilliant idea. Thankfully (I guess), the rational mind kicks in just at the  right time, reminding about the unsuitable logistics and shortcomings for such matter.

block_1Oh but Cat Cafes are such a convenient way to interact with those happy-go-lucky creatures, without any commitment or responsibilities (and they serve coffee!!!). Of course, I can only imagine the potential bond that pets and their owners develop, but for now I am feeling blessed for this option to come, pet, purr and go.

Also, it might be just me, but it seems that the vibs in these places are exceptionally peaceful and soothing, as everyone is relaxed, blissfully wandering around, smiling, giggling, cuddling… What an isolated purring island, remote from all the noise and roar of the outer world. That’s where you’ll find me.





Unconditional lovin’ (#AnimalEdition)

I’m not even an “animal person” (at least that’s what I have been telling myself for the past decades). Yet… some encounters with the fluffy creatures have been way too satisfying, not to get a glimpse of what animal-loving-fuss is all about.


Petting a cat can definitely be a great distraction or a quick-fix for moodiness… maybe because animals are so unconditional in their love? And if the live version is not available, there is always a funny cat or panda video compilation on Youtube, right? Or maybe even an episode or two of “Planet Earth”, in case we dare to forget how magically magnificent Mother Nature is.

But seriously, who could have known that letting your face to be licked, feels way better than it sounds?!