While a post about love, coupling, birds,bees, and pandas* might be more appropriate on Valentine’s Day, where is something else I feel like bringing to this iTable. (*and yes, pandas are ALWAYS appropriate)


So just yesterday, after several insistent suggestions to meet up, for once, I actually stopped and affirmed to myself:”Nope, he is someone I really don’t feel like seeing”. And I didn’t. No shame. No complain. No explain.While it might not sound like a big deal for you, for me, who has made a career out of pity-love, guilt-dates and obliged-relationships, it was so liberating.

Allowing ourselves to detach from people that are detrimental, boring, obnoxious or simply downers, can be a better treat than a bubble bath (oh and you know how good those are).

 “Don’t go see someone who is irritating, take a day off from work if you feel tired, go to the beach if it calls you, listen to more of the music that pleases you, soothe yourself in ANY way that you can. Let your mantra be,”Today, no matter where I’m going and no matter what I’m doing, it is my dominant intent to PLEASE MYSELF. It is my dominant intent to be good to me, it is my dominant intent to be good to me, it is my DOMINANT intent to be good to me. I’m going to look for ways that I can feel better. I’m going to leave behind things that don’t feel good – thoughts, relationships, STUFF. I’m going to declutter my experience. I’m going to declutter my relationships. I’m going to declutter my mind. I’m going to talk less often to that person who always brings me down. I’m gong to think ledd often of that thought that always puts a know in the pit of my stomach. I’m going to be nicer to me. I’m going to be nicer to me.” (Abraham, West Los Angeles, CA 8/28/10)

So #ByeFelicia to everyone and everything that makes us sobby instead of happy (:




Healthy as F***

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Treat Yourself”?  Maybe it’s just me (though doubtfully), but basically I associate it with “cheating” on my regular habits: shoving creamy chocolate cake into my mouth (oh so good!), scooping out the whole container of ice-cream, ordering a few extra Pina Coladas or skipping the jog to re-watch the 8th season of “Friends”… Sounds familiar?


But guess what I eurek’ishly  discovered — treating myself with something that I believe is beneficial to me, not only gets me away from Guiltmon (the Guilt Monster, who, idyllically, shouldn’t show up no matter how gigantic my Ice-cream Sunday is), but actually benefits me 🙂

block_4I’m talking about a delicious glass of fresh juice or a colorful smoothie, a whole foods haul, a massage or a mani-padi, a fancy new body scrub that makes me smell like a treat myself,  a magazine, a ticket to a movie or  a concert, a soak in a hot bath or simply a nap… What treat leaves you feeling happy, special, loving, loved and healthy as F*** ?!



Feelin’ Yourself.

When do you feel most confident, most beautiful, most glowing? Is there a perfectly-fitting piece of clothing that you are saving for the special occasion? Fine lace lingerie? The way you style your hair? The colorful cocktail you hold in your hand or the song that gets you high?


One of those “feelin’ myself” moments for me is when I am all dolled up, wearing long floating dress and, with the wind in my hair, biking around the city at night.

I hope you too, more often than not, gonna throw on your invisible crown and remind humanity who they are dealing with.

Gracefully Yours,






Oh there is nothing quite like that rush of endorphins when we get movin’, right?            “Why don’t I do it more often???!!”, squeaks the hyper rejuvenated mind.

But is it just me who is way too quick to forget this blissful #HappyMuscles mode…. and already next day has the same numbing inner debate about the pro’s and con’s of leaving the comfy bed?


Well, hopefully (though definitely not every time) the dispute ends by grabbing the trainers and heading out, because revitalizing the body in a way that is actually fun and engaging (whever is a jog in a neighborhood, a gym session, a refreshing swim, a basketball game in the backyard, or a yoga with YouTube videos) is one of the greatest way to treat yourself.

Let’s just not make it feel like a drag… As Abraham-Hicks suggests, “Think, as long as it’s fun; and try, as long as it’s easy; and speak, as long as it feels good; and otherwise, take a nap.”

Revitalized Pupa


Royal Dining with Yourself

First of all, dining by yourself (or better said – with yourself), especially without hiding behind a phone, a laptop or a book, for most of us feels rather uncomfortable. Fair enough. It something I am working on myself. Actually it seems to be coming rather naturally with time, age, circumstances, and maybe greater self-assurance (heh… that last one is tricky…).

But there is something else that I have been contemplating: there is quite a difference between dining by myself and dining with someone else. When I am cooking, for instance, I tend to put way more effort into the process (and particularly into the presentation of the meal) if there is someone else to appreciate it — as oppose to being by myself, quickly throwing  bits and pieces on a plate (if not eating straight from the pan) and rapidly shoveling chunks of food into my mouth.


So if attentively making and thoughtfully serving food to others is a lovely expression of care and affection, wouldn’t it make sense to treat ourselves with the same care and affection? That extra little basil lief decoration, soothing background music or additional 15 minutes for slow paced eating can turn the snack into what I like to call a “Royal Dining”.So Bon Appetit your Royal Highness!



Unconditional lovin’ (#AnimalEdition)

I’m not even an “animal person” (at least that’s what I have been telling myself for the past decades). Yet… some encounters with the fluffy creatures have been way too satisfying, not to get a glimpse of what animal-loving-fuss is all about.


Petting a cat can definitely be a great distraction or a quick-fix for moodiness… maybe because animals are so unconditional in their love? And if the live version is not available, there is always a funny cat or panda video compilation on Youtube, right? Or maybe even an episode or two of “Planet Earth”, in case we dare to forget how magically magnificent Mother Nature is.

But seriously, who could have known that letting your face to be licked, feels way better than it sounds?!



Sleeping Beauty or Beauty of Sleeping.

Today I slept for 10 hours #noshame. Surely, it is easy for me – for one without a 8-5 job, children or other overly-time-consuming duties – to preach about the benefits of sleep. And while our schedules, to-do lists and habits vary greatly, we surely all deserve a sleep-in or delicious nap.


Plus, everyone (at least theoretically) understands that binge-watching-Netflix or endless-Facebook-scrolling can potentially be replaced with an extra hour or two of the delicious hibernation.

“Sleep is the best meditation” said Dalai Lama. Well I’m definitely not the one who is  gonna question his Holiness.

So ZZZzzzzz…. ups, I mean Ommmmmmmm….,


 P.S. Something that might seem a bit out there, but maybe worth considering:

“WHEN YOU SLEEP YOU WITHDRAW YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, so you deactivate the vibrations that were keeping you wherever they were keeping you. So the cells of your body are actually able to regenerate more powerfully when your conscious mechanism is slumbering, than when awake—unless, you are feeling good. Your optimum experience is to be awake and exhilarated. Your next optimum experience is to be asleep. Your least optimum experience is to be awake and worried, or fearful about something. We see a lot of people sleeping because they’re bored, or because it’s the only way that they can give themselves any break from the exhaustion that they are feeling. But if you understand that exhaustion is not about what you’re doing; it’s not about being awake—it’s about resistance—then you begin to understand that the less resistance there is, the less sleep you need. So don’t feel guilty about how much sleep you’re getting, or not getting. We would make sleep a non-issue—and make connection to Source our dominant goal.” -Abraham Hicks /Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 13th, 2002/