The deliciousness of learning somethin’ new

A scientific explanation of what happens in one’s brain when the new information is being absorbed refers to the formation of the new connections between neurons. But for me, personally, our capacity to continiuosly install something new in ourselves is  nothing less than magic. #HogwartsStuffAndBeyond

Whether it’s learning a new language, origami,  new recipe, HTML code, how to French braid your hair or juggle, or whether it’s mastering a new music instrument or a fancy calligraphy – the buzz, the rush and the pleasure of tapping into the New and Unknown (aka transformations in neurocircuitry) is a oh-so-addictive.


So what is it that you would like to master, if time, money, societal pressure, weather,  stereotypes, neighbors and anything else wasn’t an issue?



BONUS #1: A delicious TEDx Talk by John Green about the awesomeness of learning and the communities of learners. He compares learning with the process of cartography, because  learning is a way to make the map of our lives better, bigger with more places, where more things and futures might happen. In the words of the speaker, while maps don’t show you where you will go in your life, they show you where you might go. You very rarely go to a place that isn’t on your personal map.” 

BONUS#2: Here you can find 43 websites the world uses to learn something new for free. Dive in!

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