Healthy as F***

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Treat Yourself”?  Maybe it’s just me (though doubtfully), but basically I associate it with “cheating” on my regular habits: shoving creamy chocolate cake into my mouth (oh so good!), scooping out the whole container of ice-cream, ordering a few extra Pina Coladas or skipping the jog to re-watch the 8th season of “Friends”… Sounds familiar?


But guess what I eurek’ishly  discovered — treating myself with something that I believe is beneficial to me, not only gets me away from Guiltmon (the Guilt Monster, who, idyllically, shouldn’t show up no matter how gigantic my Ice-cream Sunday is), but actually benefits me 🙂

block_4I’m talking about a delicious glass of fresh juice or a colorful smoothie, a whole foods haul, a massage or a mani-padi, a fancy new body scrub that makes me smell like a treat myself,  a magazine, a ticket to a movie or  a concert, a soak in a hot bath or simply a nap… What treat leaves you feeling happy, special, loving, loved and healthy as F*** ?!




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