Oh there is nothing quite like that rush of endorphins when we get movin’, right?            “Why don’t I do it more often???!!”, squeaks the hyper rejuvenated mind.

But is it just me who is way too quick to forget this blissful #HappyMuscles mode…. and already next day has the same numbing inner debate about the pro’s and con’s of leaving the comfy bed?


Well, hopefully (though definitely not every time) the dispute ends by grabbing the trainers and heading out, because revitalizing the body in a way that is actually fun and engaging (whever is a jog in a neighborhood, a gym session, a refreshing swim, a basketball game in the backyard, or a yoga with YouTube videos) is one of the greatest way to treat yourself.

Let’s just not make it feel like a drag… As Abraham-Hicks suggests, “Think, as long as it’s fun; and try, as long as it’s easy; and speak, as long as it feels good; and otherwise, take a nap.”

Revitalized Pupa



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