Royal Dining with Yourself

First of all, dining by yourself (or better said – with yourself), especially without hiding behind a phone, a laptop or a book, for most of us feels rather uncomfortable. Fair enough. It something I am working on myself. Actually it seems to be coming rather naturally with time, age, circumstances, and maybe greater self-assurance (heh… that last one is tricky…).

But there is something else that I have been contemplating: there is quite a difference between dining by myself and dining with someone else. When I am cooking, for instance, I tend to put way more effort into the process (and particularly into the presentation of the meal) if there is someone else to appreciate it — as oppose to being by myself, quickly throwing  bits and pieces on a plate (if not eating straight from the pan) and rapidly shoveling chunks of food into my mouth.


So if attentively making and thoughtfully serving food to others is a lovely expression of care and affection, wouldn’t it make sense to treat ourselves with the same care and affection? That extra little basil lief decoration, soothing background music or additional 15 minutes for slow paced eating can turn the snack into what I like to call a “Royal Dining”.So Bon Appetit your Royal Highness!




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