Sleeping Beauty or Beauty of Sleeping.

Today I slept for 10 hours #noshame. Surely, it is easy for me – for one without a 8-5 job, children or other overly-time-consuming duties – to preach about the benefits of sleep. And while our schedules, to-do lists and habits vary greatly, we surely all deserve a sleep-in or delicious nap.


Plus, everyone (at least theoretically) understands that binge-watching-Netflix or endless-Facebook-scrolling can potentially be replaced with an extra hour or two of the delicious hibernation.

“Sleep is the best meditation” said Dalai Lama. Well I’m definitely not the one who is  gonna question his Holiness.

So ZZZzzzzz…. ups, I mean Ommmmmmmm….,


 P.S. Something that might seem a bit out there, but maybe worth considering:

“WHEN YOU SLEEP YOU WITHDRAW YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, so you deactivate the vibrations that were keeping you wherever they were keeping you. So the cells of your body are actually able to regenerate more powerfully when your conscious mechanism is slumbering, than when awake—unless, you are feeling good. Your optimum experience is to be awake and exhilarated. Your next optimum experience is to be asleep. Your least optimum experience is to be awake and worried, or fearful about something. We see a lot of people sleeping because they’re bored, or because it’s the only way that they can give themselves any break from the exhaustion that they are feeling. But if you understand that exhaustion is not about what you’re doing; it’s not about being awake—it’s about resistance—then you begin to understand that the less resistance there is, the less sleep you need. So don’t feel guilty about how much sleep you’re getting, or not getting. We would make sleep a non-issue—and make connection to Source our dominant goal.” -Abraham Hicks /Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 13th, 2002/


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