Season 1: Pilot

Hello Beautiful People.

Pupatopia is intended as (but not limited to) a space for celebrating life. Like a beach, if you will.


I was always certain that life is long and there is so much time on our hands. Yet deciding how to use it and where to invest it still keeps me awake at night (not literally. I actually sleep pretty well – thank you for asking ***hair flip***).

“Everything is equally meaningless” is one of the best statements I’ve stumbled upon,  which also sort of explains why I keep jumping from one project/hobby/obsession to another, just to come back to the same conclusion, that, in the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

Except for Happiness. That matters. Happiness always mattered to me. In fact, the only thing that I believe without a shadow of doubt, is that the purpose of life is to be happy (#DalaiLamaStyle).

The magic land of Pupatopia is for discovering the algorithm of joy and learning to apply it on the daily basis.  Surely, everyone is welcome to join along the way.

In other words:  kick off your shoes, throw on the crown and treat Yourself.



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